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Cash for Gold, Silver, or Coins in Medford, MA

At CollVest Coins, we specialize in offering the highest prices for your unwanted gold, silver, jewelry, coins, and old money. We are proud to continually provide our clients with one of the most competitive cash payouts for gold in New England. We also carry a diverse collection of both certified and non-certified collectible coins.

Rare Coins for Collectors & Investors

Due to a historical significance that spans centuries, gold is globally considered one of the most valuable precious metals. Coins containing traces of gold first appeared around 800 B.C. Unlike paper currency and other assets, gold has maintained its value throughout the centuries. Buying is just as wise as selling. Why? Your investment will pay you dividends as the value of gold climbs. In addition, shares are likely to appreciate over time. CollVest Coins maintains a very large selection of gold collectible coins. We are always looking for new additions and are willing to help any collector find the next centerpiece of their coin collection.

Buying Gold in Exchange for Cold, Hard Cash

CollVest Coins is always buying gold, offering high prices for your unwanted items. We accept all types of gold, including jewelry, gold dust, nuggets, watches, teeth (caps and fillings), pens, pencils, watch chains, belt buckles, photo frames, cuff links, and collar studs. Just bring your gold to our Medford location and we’ll inspect it, weigh it, and provide a free estimate.

Our cash for gold service is a convenient way to make some extra money while clearing out unwanted items in your home. For more information about our gold buying or selling services, contact CollVest Coins today.

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